When a commodity trading guru like Dwight Anderson, founder of the iconic Ospraie Management, has something to say on the market outlook, people tend to listen, especially when he’s consigning the last great commodity bull run to the dustbin of history and buying gold and farmland for the next crisis.

Anderson is the former Tiger Cub, whose Ospraie Management at one time ran the world’s biggest commodity hedge fund, with close to $4 billion at the peak.

deflationBuy the Farm to Avoid a Crisis

While we have previously discussed the plight of the US farming sector, with astounding increases in debt and the erosion of farmland values, Anderson sees more than just value here. 

“I think farming, in terms of the productive side of the industry, is still an incredibly under-appreciated asset and business in that you’ve got land where every single year, on average, you’re going to grow more. You maintain your water table, your soil, the nutrients there, and I get productivity growth every year. That is awesome. Every other one of the productive businesses, you produce less every year.”


“It’s hardest to get real pricing power in agriculture, because you actually are growing productivity per year, versus the decline rates in the others. But as an asset to own for currency protection, inflation protection, just a general income, yes, yield, farming is phenomenal.”


listeria-blue_-bell_CDC estimates an annual average of fifteen hundred (1,591) people in the U.S. develop systemic infection caused by food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes; there have been no cases attributed to drinking raw milk in the last twelve years.

Blue Bell stopped production and distribution of ice cream to 25 states in April 2015 after the discovery of listeria. Ten reported cases of listeria were linked to Blue Bell frozen treats and three of those sickened later died.


In fact, Blue Bell knew it had a listeria problem two years earlier. The FDA released inspection reports showing that the company had found the bacteria in its Oklahoma plant, on surfaces such as floors and catwalks, on 17 occasions beginning in March 2013. Despite this, the FDA found, Blue Bell hadn’t followed up “to identify sanitation failures and possible food contamination,” taken proper steps to root out the problem, or informed the agency of its findings. FDA inspections of multiple plants, starting in March, found not only listeria but also condensation dripping from machinery into ice cream and ingredient tanks; poor storage and food-handling practices; and failures to clean equipment thoroughly.


The most serious public health risk due to Listeria monocytogenes, comes from contaminated ready-to eat processed foods, particularly meats.

Make your own ice cream


3 egg yolks (pastured eggs from the farmers’ market)

1/2 cup Canadian maple  syrup

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon arrowroot powder

3 cups of raw cow’s milk heavy cream (the secret ingredient, raw cream, requires a visit to the farm)

1/2 cup walnuts finely chopped

Beat egg yolks and blend remaining ingredients. Pour into ice cream maker per instructions.


moonshine-stillTara: Finding a source of raw dairy products is akin to looking for ‘moonshine’ during prohibition. Texas is unique in the fact that the Texas Department of Health inspects and registers their licensed grade ‘A’ raw dairies. The customers’ dilemma is being forced to trek out to the countryside looking for these safe, clean, sanitary and state inspected ‘stills’ because it’s against the law to sell off-the-farm. Someday, the raw milk movement in California, led by Mark McAfee’s Organic Pastures http://www.organicpastures.com/home will raise all levels of consciousness to legalize retail raw dairy. Until Whole Foods Texas, imitates Whole Foods California, it’s the ‘speakeasy’ in the city or the ‘still’ in the country.

JLD_0005Anala Goat Company got our license in March 2003, Proverbs Farm, (goat) Alvin, Water Oak (goat) in Bryan and Stryk (cow) are the only dairies left on the Texas DSHS http://www.dshs.texas.gov/ 2014-2016 list. Unfortunately the two goat dairies Proverbs and Wateroak have called it quits.

I sold our farm in 2007 and most probably was put on the TX DSHS closed list on their 2008-2010 report. The current grade ‘A’ raw dairy list of 85, has 25 closed and 15 null (walking dead). Most of the fallen dairies are mom and pop goat’s milk producers who can’t remain viable or sustainable primarily because they need the Texas DSHS legitimization to assure themselves as well as their customers of a quality product.

However, the on-the-farm sales restriction makes it all but impossible for the dairy goat farmer to make any money. Anala grossed $200-300 a week selling only on our farm, 50 miles outside of Houston. Taking the milk, kefir and cheese to eight farmers’ markets inside Houston, brought home $4,000 a week.

organic pasturesSo, Tara, the answer to your question is NO! We no longer have any goats to milk and therefore no grade ‘A’ raw goat’s milk, kefir, feta and chevre to sell. Long removed from the Houston raw dairy scene by time and geography, I can’t even tell you where to find raw goats milk. My only suggestion is to contact Stacey Roussell of All We Need Farms in Needville. https://www.facebook.com/allweneedfarm and http://www.allweneedfarms.com/ A visit to her farm is a must for the model of a sustainable family farm.

Thank for asking, I never would have known how bad the situation was, until I took a look.

ProhibitionDSHS Current/Closed/Expired Raw Dairies Inspected March 2014 – March 2016 * sorted by City in ascending order

1) Pereira Pastures Creamery 18024 N CR 2700 Abernathy, TX 79311 Current 08/31/2017
2) Proverbs Farm & Dairy 12403 County Rd 280 Alvin, TX 77511 Closed 08/31/2014
3) Hidden Valley Dairy 402 Old Justin Rd Argyle, TX 76226 Closed 08/31/2016
4) Ash Acres Dairy 5898 Dice Grove Rd Belton, TX 76513 Current 08/31/2016
5) |2| Acres 1584 VZ CR 4909 Ben Wheeler, TX 75754 Closed 08/31/2016
6) Trimble Dairy 9716 FM 1795 Big Sandy, TX 75755 Current 08/31/2016
7) Zenubi Creek Farm 11033 CR 574 Blue Ridge, TX 75424 Null 11/06/2014
8) All Swiss Enterprises LLC 1674 Cuba Rd Bridgeport, TX 76426 Current 08/31/2017
water-oak9) Wateroak Farm 8187 Wateroak Ln Bryan, TX 77808 Closed 08/31/2016
10) Ma Bella Dairy 22652 Cherokee Ln Bullard, TX 75757 Closed 08/31/2016
11) Triple F Farms 9416 W 855 Bullard, TX 75757 Closed 08/31/2014
12) Campbell’s Classic Dairy 1637 CR 312 Cleburne, TX 76031 Closed 08/31/2015
13) Sand Creek Farm 1552 CR 267 Cameron, TX 76520 Current 08/31/2016
14) Truckin’ Blues 258 PR3829 Clarksville, TX 75426 Null 11/06/2014
15) All-Natur-L 5722 CR 209 Cleburne, TX 76031 Current 08/31/2017
16) Little Dairy on the Prairie 316 CR 2293 Cleveland, TX 77327 Null 11/06/2014
17) Lonesome Doe Nubians 550 Dogwood Rd Cleveland, TX 77327 Null 11/06/2014
18) R & C Dairy 40 Crossroads Rd Collinsville, TX 76233 Current 08/31/2016
19) Calico Dairy 9950 League Line Rd Conroe, TX 77304 Current 08/31/2017
20) Hilltop Farm 1576 Hwy 19 S Crockett, TX 75835 Null 11/06/2014
21) Green Acres Goat Farm 6263 CR 602 Dayton, TX 77535 Null 11/06/2014
22) Diamond B Cattle Company 974 Hlavek Rd Decatur, TX 76234 Current 08/31/2016
inside-the-shop-with23) Veldhuizen Family Farm 425 PR 1169 Dublin, TX 76446 Current 08/31/2017 Picture: Daughter Chelsea inside cheese shop
24) Valenta Jersey Farm LLC 4652 CR 303 El Campo, TX 77437 Current 08/31/2016
25) Youngs Prairie Dairy 356 Youngs Prairie Rd Elgin, TX 78621 Current 08/31/2017
26) P & E Farms 765 RSCR 3410 Emory, TX 75440 Current 08/31/2016
27) Springville Farms 2296 W FM 2795 Emory, TX 75440 Current 08/31/2016
28) Latte Da Dairy 1304 Bridle Bit Rd Flower Mound, TX 75022 Current 08/31/2016
29) Dry Valley Dairy 100 Dry Valley Rd Forestburg, TX 76239 Current 08/31/2016
30) Yellow Rose Dairy (RR-COW) Rt 1 Forestburg, TX 76239 Closed 12/11/2015
31) Homestead Farms LLC 4160 Kelle Hicks Rd Fort Worth, TX 76244 Closed 10/07/2015
32) Little Dub Farm 4901 Kelly Rd Fort Worth, TX 76126 Closed 08/31/2015
33) Liere Dairy 417 Liere Ln Franklin, TX 77856 Closed 12/16/2014
34) Better Way Dairy 163 CR 297 Gainesville, TX 76240 Closed 08/31/2014

circle-owner farmMy Dad started this dairy in 1967 and we have continued the proud tradition and heritage of having a true “family farm”.  Now my wife, Michelle along with our youngest of three sons Kevin are helping make “Neu Tradition” a wonderful reality.
35) Circle N Family Dairy LLC 2074 CR 446 Gainesville, TX 76240 Current 08/31/2017 Picture: Tommy & Michelle Neu
36) Spring Creek Farms 5455 S I35 Gainesville, TX 76240 Current 08/31/2016
37) Dyer Dairy 7801 E Hwy 29 Georgetown, TX 78626 Current 08/31/2017
38) Rosey Ridge Farm 175 HCR 4415 Grandview, TX 76050 Expired 08/31/2014
39) Utterly Divine Dairy 8377 E FM 916 Grandview, TX 76050 Closed 12/11/2015
40) Clementine’s Dairy 2238 County Rd 1081 Greenville, TX 75401 Current 08/31/2016
41) True Fields I-10 S Service Road West Hallsville, TX 75650 Null 11/06/2014
42) Fair Meadow Farm 226 CR 3819 Hawkins, TX 75765 Closed 08/31/2014
43) Liberty Farms Dairy 287 CR 2495 Hico, TX 76457 Current 08/31/2017
44) D-S Steubing Dairy 2034 CR 532 Hondo, TX 78861 Current 08/31/2016
45) Phill Riggs 15 Joe Werner Way Huntsville, TX 77340 Null 11/06/2014
46) Gholson Farms Inc 402 N FM 369 Iowa Park, TX 76367 Closed 08/31/2015
47) Buttercup Farms 975 County Rd 4106 Jacksonville, TX 75766 Expired 08/31/2015
48) Trail Creek Dairy Trail Creek Dairy Rt 2 Box 59 Closed 12/11/2015
49) Full Quiver Farms 6238 FM 3396 Kemp, TX 75143 Current 08/31/2017
50) Twelve Gates 6330 Gander Slough Rd Kingsbury, TX 78638 Null 11/06/2014
51) Bradley Farm 1046 BCR 111 Lampasas, TX 76550 Closed 12/11/2015
52) Miller Farms 12730 FM 471 S La Coste, TX 78039 Current 08/31/2016
53) 101 Ranchita Dairy Goats LLC 7538 FM 609 La Grange, TX 78945 Closed 08/31/2015

whiskey prohibition

54) The Jersey Barnyard 3117 Hwy 159 La Grange, TX 78945 Current 08/31/2017
55) Keechi Creek Dairy LLC 316 6057 CR 106 Leona, TX 75850 Current 08/31/2017
56) Crystal Creek Farms 810 S Frontage Rd Lorena, TX 76655 Closed 10/05/2015
57) Flatlander Dairy (RR-COW) Rt 2 Box 99B Lubbock, TX 79415 Closed 12/11/2015
header58) Cole’s Creamery 2065 RR 1723 Mason, TX 76856 Current 08/31/2016
59) Rose of Sharon Acres 3907 CR 1202 N Maud, TX 75567 Null 11/06/2014
60) Mill-King Genetics 0 1410 Coyote Ln McGregor, TX 76657 Current 08/31/2016
61) Edens Lilly 5579 Rancho Tuluca Rd Mercedes, TX 78570 Current 08/31/2016
62) Happy Feet Farm 2701 CR 140 Midland, TX 79707 Null 11/06/2014
63) Coursey Family Farm 6424 S FM 113 Millsap, TX 76066 Current 08/31/2016
64) Lindley Organic Farm 3452 FM 49 Mineola, TX 75773 Closed 08/31/2014
65) The Waldo Way LLC 395 County Rd 2482 Mineola, TX 75773 Current 08/31/2017
66) Four E Dairy Inc 784 County Road 251 Moulton, TX 77975 Current 08/31/2016
67) Ragels Ziegenhof 2850 Bunker St New Braunfels, TX 78130 Null 11/06/2014
68) K-Bar Dairy 237 CR 3389 Paradise, TX 76073 Current 08/31/2017
69) Lavon Farms 3721 N Jupiter Rd Plano, TX 75074 Current 08/31/2017
71) Mountain Spring Dairy General Delivery Rockwall, TX 75087 Closed 12/11/2015
72) Elkmeadows Dairy Goats 317 Willowbrook Ln Royse City, TX 75189 Null 11/06/2014
73) Able Oaks Ranch Rusk, TX 75785 Null 11/06/2014
74) El Camino De Las Cabras 13466 Door Key Rd San Angelo, TX 76904 Current 08/31/2016
75) Healthy Way Dairy 15525 Cedar Santa Fe, TX 77517 Current 08/31/2016
BOB STRYK76) Stryk Jersey Farm 629 Krenek Stryk Rd Schulenburg, TX 78956 Current 08/31/2017 Picture: Bob Stryk the cheese-maker
77) Raw Jesus Foods LLC 12061 FM 466 Seguin, TX 78155 Current 08/31/2017
78) Doeland Dairy 107 Wagon Wheel Dr Spring Branch, TX 78070 Current 08/31/2016
79) Acrea Hills Farm LLC 977 CR 150 Stephenville, TX 76401 Closed 08/31/2016
80) Gramen Farm 20158 Bauer Hockley Rd Tomball, TX 77377 Current 08/31/2016
81) Tule Creek Nubians Dairy 1750 CR 16 Tulia, TX 79088 Null 08/04/2015
82) Cream Top Dairy LLC 2423 Sister Grove Rd Van Alstyne, TX 75495 Current 08/31/2016
83) Triple S Dairy LLC 240 Windmill Ln Waco, TX 76705 Current 08/31/2016
84) World Hunger Relief Inc 483303 356 Spring Lake Rd Waco, TX 76705 Current 08/31/2016
85) Stockton 5 Dairy 113 McKinzie Ln Weatherford, TX 76087 Closed 08/31/2015
86) Restless Prairie Farm 383 Soaring Eagle Trail Wichita Falls, TX 76310 Current 01/06/2015
87) Pure Milk Farms 22456 Vincent Rd Winnie, TX 77665 Closed 08/31/2014



Where are the wheelbarrows? Every time in world economic history, when the government begins printing money exponentially the banknotes face value goes from one to a million, to a billion and in the case of the Big Zimbabweoski a trillion. Why have we not yet seen Americans waddling behind their Home Depot wheelbarrow full of dollars into Wal-Mart to buy groceries.

 saupload_weimar-republic-chart-of-inflation-large_early_late  zim-hyper  venezuela  us-fiat-currency




United States

The coming apocalypse, you know the one where Hillary stands between us and the apocalypse or she is the bridge to the apocalypse. Whether we call it the Apocalypse Soon or the Big Zimbabweoski, there should be people pushing wheelbarrows of worthless greenbacks. Germany’s Weimar Republic did the job in four years 1919-1923, we’ve been cranking out the ‘moolah’ since Nixon took us off the gold standard in August 1971. In the brief four generation history of money JFK realized that the ‘jig’ was up and tried to bypass the Fed with his EO #11.110.

jfk-in-officeJFK started printing his own money issued by the US Treasury, like Abe Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’ during the Civil War. Five months after JFK was shot the Kennedy dollars were recalled, leaving the printing presses to the Fed. The Fed was limited to a 4/1 ratio of paper to gold. LBJ got the bright idea of spending 100 million a day in Vietnam which was peanuts compared to his $22 trillion (in today’s dollars) Great Society.

nixon-shock-smWhen, Tricky Dick took six more years to end the war the Fed was already maxed out on the $32/oz equals $128 of fiat, wheelbarrow money. The “Nixon Shock” closed the gold window, ended the Bretton Woods Agreement and opened the door to Zimbabwe land.

However, we have to go to the next generation 1982-2004, the Millennials, the 3rd Turning, the Unravelling and Alan Greenspan the “Great Unraveller.”

If You Can’t Do, Exponentiate


Greenspan, the Mona Lisa of Central banks, responded to the flash crash of 1987, the Dot.Com bust of 2001 and the housing bubble by printing an additional 3.5 trillion paperbacks on the Nixon legacy of 1.5 trillion. Leaving the Fed in 2006 with, “Not to worry we can always print more money.” Which brings us to the 4th Turning, the Crisis 2005-2026 and the seven-year reign of Helicopter Ben Bernanke.

Never let a crisis go to waste


Bernanke took the Lehman Brothers baton and ran with it, putting his 4 trillion of paper onto the 4 trillion that Greenspan left. He got the handle, “Helicopter Ben” because in the 21st century you don’t need wheelbarrows to haul the fiat money door-to-door, you digitize it. However, when the 4 trillion went directly to the bourgeoisie 1% and zilch to the rest of us, Ben suggested dropping the printed material from the sky on the proletariat 99%.


No helicopters and no wheelbarrows came under Ben. It’s up Janet Yellen to burst the Big Zimbabweoski.