Bernie Sanders Is Gandhi Reincarnated


The secret ingredient in the Bernie Sanders soup, he’s a Jew. Nobody, but nobody doesn’t like him because he speaks from his kosher DNA heart. Moses wrote down the public servant recipe and labelled it Tikkun: Seeing Judaism as an expression of the prophetic ideal of social justice. Love thy neighbor, clothe the naked, walk with God, beat swords into plowshares. As ritual and practice have fallen away over the generations, this has become the core identity of liberal Judaism. Its central mission is nothing less than to repair the world (“Tikkun olam”).

Tikkun Olam is Judaism envisioning an ideal world. Often translated to mean ‘repair of the world’, and even as social justice, tikkun olam underpins our religious way of life and perspective that works towards a time of peace – not just ending war, but a time of prosperity, health and justice for all.

Not since Gandhi has there been a politician spouting such squishy-whishy feel good rhetoric. If Gandhj hadn’t died six years before Bernie was born, I would say the Mahatma was Feeling the Bern.