We are truly grateful Bernie for your Political Revolution. You have brought us to the gates of the establishment. You are the Martin Luther King of 2016. You have educated, inspired and led the people with honesty, dignity and humility. You have won the battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate. You have said yourself that this Revolution is not about Bernie it’s about us.

The us in us knows that Trump is an asshole but he is our only option, if us wants to win the war. Hillary wouldn’t honor the Pledge of Allegiance let alone the Democratic Party Platform. Don’t waste your life energy attacking Trump. Don’t waste your life energy trying to negotiate with the Democratic Elite. Vet the Senate and House candidate list, regardless of party affiliation, then tell us for whom to vote.

Become the LBJ of future American political accomplishment. Lyndon Baines Johnson single-handily ran the Senate and with his buddy Sam Rayburn controlled the House. No one, whether they are Bourgeoisie or Proletarian, doubts your word – you remain the last honest politico in power – for example, when you announce legislation to pass Super Glass-Steagall the public and Congressmen who want to keep their job will say Amen.

Let Brexit be our guide, “Those with money are in, those without money are out.” 95 million Americans do not have a job and no hope of having a job. At least, 300 million Americans have no money and only a tiny hope of getting any money. LBJ was a lousy president because he used the Congress to enact his good, bad and ugly policy decisions, Civil Rights/Vietnam/Great Society. since 1964, the “do nothing Congress” has done nothing but make bad, very bad, policy decisions.

LBJ, to pay for his “Guns and Butter” folly was forced to break the chains of gold that kept the Federal Reserve, the Banks and most importantly, the US

We have paid dearly for Nixon’s colossal error. But this abhorrent deviation from a sound dollar can be corrected. The country — and the world — awaits the political leader who truly understands making the dollar as good as gold is vital to the prosperity, security and liberty of the American people, and who can therefore lead the country and the world forward to a 21st century gold standard.