Beware of the Chip on their Shoulder


To have a chip on one’s shoulder refers to the act of holding a grudge or grievance that readily provokes disputation.

“A chip on the shoulder” comes from the ancient right of shipwrights within the Royal Navy Dockyards to take home a daily allowance of offcuts of timber, even if good wood was cut up for this purpose. The privilege was instated as a prescriptive right from 1634. By 1756, this privilege had been abused and was costing taxpayers too much in lost timber for warship repair and construction. The decision was then made by the Navy Board to limit the quantity a shipwright could carry home. A warrant was issued to the Royal Dockyards to reduce the quantity of chips by ordering shipwrights to carry their bundles under their arms instead of on their shoulders, as one could not carry as much timber in this fashion. The specific incident from which the expression derives is as follows:

This day at twelve of the clock some few of the workmen about one hundred and fifty came up first to the gate without any chips, afterwards about twenty more came and lowered their chips agreeable to the Board’s warrant. Then came John Miller, shipwright, about thirty feet before the main body of the people, on which the Master Shipwright ordered him to lower his chips. He answered he would not, with that the Master Shipwright took hold of him, and said he should. He, the said Miller replied, ‘Are not the chips mine? I will not lower them.’ Immediately the main body pushed on with their chips on their shoulders, crowded and forced the Master Shipwright and the First Assistant through the gateway, and when out of the yard give three huzzas.


Some got bailouts, others got “zero tolerance.” There was really no contradiction between these things. Lenience and forgiveness and joyous creativity for Wall Street bankers while another group gets a biblical-style beat down—these things actually fit together quite nicely. Indeed, the ascendance of the first group requires that the second be lowered gradually into hell. When you take Clintonism all together, it makes sense, and the sense it makes has to do with social class. What the poor get is discipline; what the professionals get is endless indulgence. Excerpted from Thomas Frank’s new book, “Listen, Liberal”

The chip that we carry on our shoulder stems from our childhood wound. Bill and Hillary are the most psycho-analyzed twosome in the world. Both are Attachment Disorder babies wounded while in the womb or until 18 months of age. 

Couples are drawn to one another for healing. Bill the AVOIDER fears rejection, while Hillary, the CLINGER, fears abandonment. Bill’s father died before his birth leaving his mom, Rose, insecure. Hillary’s mom was terrified to be a mother because she had been abandoned by her own mother. Additionally, Mr. Rodham was an asshole and the mirror to his first born – Hillary.

wound circle

Bill uses his political power position to override his rejection fears in abusing women. Hillary keeps Bill on a leash of control in order to be safe from abandonment. Her hawkish nature – “we came, we saw, he died…” personifies that angry with dad chip on her shoulder.

Trump appears to be carrying bundles of chips on both shoulders. Challenging one and all to even think about knocking a chip off of his persona. Although I am not familiar with the intimate details of the Don’s childhood his histrionic behavior is that of a CLINGER. Trump’s idea of abandonment security is racist much like an insecure Hitler only substituting ‘white’ in place of Aryan.