Burning Man – Elite Refugee Camp

Palestinian refugee housing in Lebanon, 60 years on.

Sixty-year-old Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. No path to citizenship for fear it would upset the sectarian balance of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and Jews.

Hurricane Katrina

More than one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by the storm. At their peak hurricane relief shelters housed 273,000 people.

katrina park

Later, approximately 114,000 households were housed in FEMA trailers.

layout burning
Burning Man Arial view of a master planned refugee camp


burning man theme

Black Rock City, often abbreviated to BRC, is the name of the temporary city created by Burning Man participants. Much of the layout and general city infrastructure is constructed by Department of Public Works (DPW) volunteers who often reside in Black Rock City for several weeks before and after the event. The remainder of the city including theme camps, villages, art installations and individual camping are all created by participants.

To comply with the new requirements and to manage the increased liability load, the organizers formed Black Rock City, L.L.C. Will Roger Peterson and Flynn Mauthe created the Department of Public Works (DPW) to build the “city” grid layout (a requirement so that emergency vehicles could be directed to an “address”) designed by Rod Garrett, an architect. Rod continued as the city designer through 2011 until his death at 76. He is also credited with the design of all of the man bases from 2001 through 2012, the center camp cafe and first camp. With the success of the driving ban, having no vehicular incidents, 1998 saw a return to the Black Rock desert, along with a temporary perimeter fence. The event has remained there since.

2015 Attendees 70,000 Ticket $400 Costs $15,000,000


 burning tents

Burning Man temporary housing ranges from tents, hexaports to RV’s’


saradon burning

 katy perry BMBurning Man attendees Susan Sarandon and Katy Perry



 temple-frillBurning Man temple examples

Burning Man 2015. Photo by Scott London (www.scottlondon.com)

Burning Man dress code: wear it and share it.