Gossip, not Money, Makes the World Go Round

Feeling left out because you not a member of any – not even one – New World Order Round Table Group e.g. the CFR, Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group.

When you had a job there was Office politics, water-cooler gossip. The psychology of organizational behavior can stretch to 100. We know the names and cursory info on 100 co-workers.

The inner circle in England has 21 cabinet ministers, Nixon had 12, Trump has 15. The typical profile of an Obama Insider was a young, energetic staffer who worked on the first campaign. They tended not to have a lot of institutional experience in Washington. Often they started at the White House in a junior role, typically communications-oriented, and the ones who stayed this long are now in more senior roles.

Obama’s tendency to listen to these folks over Washington “heavyweights” with decades of experience on the issues caused a lot of friction with the principles of his first team, notably Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National Security Advisor Jim Jones. Obama’s inner circle included Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha PowerDavid Axelrod and Tim Geithner.

Gossip Topics: Race, Religion, Sex, Politics and Money

Gossip groups are usually networks or associations of like-minded individuals. That’s why we have White Baptist churches and Black Baptist churches. In the military we have O-Clubs, NCO Clubs and EM Clubs. At the office, we have everybody who doesn’t have a PO (private office). Unfortunately, we can gossip all we want – within limits of course – we are just exchanging second hand smoke, when it comes to Politics and Money.

A long, long time ago, some dude invented AOL raising Gossip by at least one order of magnitude. Then, Zuckerberg, let the cat out-of-the-bag in February 2004, followed by Youtube on Valentines Day 2005.

Brazil: “fofoca” gossip in English  ouvir através de fofoca” to hear through the grapevine

Chisme Spanish word for ‘gossip’. “Cual es el chisme.” “What’s the gossip.”

Chinese: “八卦 (bāguà)”

Turkish phrases for ‘gossip ‘ dedikodu

The illuminati has effectively been around since Cecil Rhodes put his money where his little white ‘elitist’ heart was.

Mark Zuckerberg will down in the digital history books as the man who saved the world through Gossip.