NINE of Hearts: The GIVER of LOVE Card: This is a card of great fulfillment, great loss, or both. This card, and its karma card, the Seven of Diamonds, are both spiritual numbers and the fulfillment that comes is rarely personal until all personal desires are set aside and in their proper place. This is the double Saturn card – these people cannot deviate from what is true and “right” without swift, and sometimes bitter,  rebuke. All nines have come to settle affairs and debts from the past, to pay what they owe and move on. For the Nine of Hearts, there will be some completions or endings of key relationships that mark their completion of certain “soul chapters”. If these endings are resisted, they will turn to disappointment and loss. Their life path is full of spiritual lessons. Those that heed the call and adhere to higher values will have seemingly blessed lives, while those who give into their fears and escapist tendencies will suffer greatly. They are givers, endowed with great minds and hearts to share with the world.

Hillary’s Birth Card, her Who She Is Card is the NINE of Hearts9h

Hillary is torn between two Ego or Who She Thinks She Is Cards the Queen SpadesQUEEN of Spades and the king of clubsKING of Clubs

Your Karma Cards are the: 7dsSeven of Diamonds – This card is your cosmic twin and the one with whom you share the strongest karmic link. AcsAce of Clubs, 2hsTwo of Hearts, kingofspadeKing of Spades, JhJack of Hearts, 8ofclubEight of Clubs – You are also connected to these cards and will often find one or more of them in your life. You all share a somewhat ‘fixed’ nature.

jackie CooganJohn Leslie “Jackie” Coogan was an American actor who began his movie career as a child actor in silent films. Charlie Chaplin’s film classic The Kid made him one of the first child stars in film history. October 26, 1914, Los Angeles, CA.

October TWENTY-SIXTH the Day of ORGANIZATIONAL COHESION: Those born on October 26 have a talent for reforming and running all sorts of organizations, whether clubs, athletic teams, church groups businesses or even larger political units. Usually filling a leadership role or at the very least an important advisory position, those born on this day have a knack for welding together a smoothly operating unit. Although quite capable of acting on their own, they really shine when engaged in projects with colleagues and co-workers. Usually October 26 people find a way to put their personal mark on any such endeavor, while still placing the good of the group before all else.

They are not, however, fond of sacrificing their private goals or desires and may therefore seek situations where their own personal success is intimately entwined with the fortune of the group.

STRENGTHS: Group-Conscious, Financially Astute, Organized

WEAKNESSES: Dour, Repressive, Rigid

hillaryHILLARY’S Karmic Path: 32 The Way of INNOCENCE – Charm to Natural: Those individuals on the Way of Innocence are here to drop the façade of their public persona in favor of a purer, unaffected approach to life, one where they express themselves as naturally and directly as possible.

Born with an innate belief that they are unworthy of love, those on this path grapple with the fear of revealing their true selves to others.  

Adept at artfulness and getting what they want and need through non direct means, they are extremely charming, albeit determined individuals.

Often subjected to undue criticisms and unfair assessments of their characters, those on the Way of Innocence have learned to shield themselves from hurt by being guarded and secretive.

As they overcome their feelings of unworthiness and learn to trust in a higher power to protect them, those on this path can begin to reveal who they are to the world. Becoming more colorful and fun loving, these men and women will surprise others as they adopt a devil-may-care attitude. Returning to a more innocent way of being in the world, with a more spontaneous expression of their creativity and zest for life, the men and women on this path will discover that they serve as an inspiration to many.

SUGGESTION: Confront the fear of rejection. Be aware of how indirect you can be. Try to become more attuned to nature’s rhythms. Temper imagination with practicality. Splash some color into your life.

BALANCE POINT: Worldliness and Innocence

NOTABLES: Hillary Clinton, Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa, Stephen Spielberg, Frank Gehry (Frank Lloyd Wright of today), Andre Previn, Burt Bacharach, Janet Jackson, Anne Frank, June Carter Cash, Mike Tyson, Henry David Thoreau, Adam Sandler,  Stephen King, Kevin Kline, John Philip Sousa, Johnny Bench, Henry Miller, J.R.R.Tolkein, Benjamin Franklin, Edna St.Vincent Millay.

CORE LESSON: Trusting that there is an abundance and love life

GOAL: Becoming more aligned with their own energies and more direct

RELEASE: The fear of disapproval

REWARD: The joy of answering only to themselves

Gifts: Steady – Charming – Resourceful

Pitfalls: Rebellious – Repressed – Closed


Hillary was wounded it the ATTACHMENT stage of childhood development and so was Bill. They are the perfectly matched adolescent couple, Bill the AVOIDER and Hillary the quint-ultimate CLINGER.

ATTACHMENT STAGE (0-18 months)

bill_13Bill The AVOIDER:  Minimizer, Rigid Boundaries
Basic Fear (Wound):  Contact may lead to emotional and physical rejection, loss of self through contact with parent (partner).
Internal Message:  Don’t be
Core Belief:  I have no right to exist
Relationship Belief:  I will be hurt if I initiate contact with you
Image of Partner:  Demanding, all consuming
Relationship to Partner:  Detached; avoidant
Core Issue:  Too much togetherness;  too many feelings;  too much chaos
Typical Frustration:  You hate me;  you feel too much
Recurrent Feeling:  Terror and rage
Conflict Management:  Hyper-rational;  avoidant;  passive/aggressive withdrawal and coldness
Growth Challenge:  Claim right to be;  initiate emotional and physical contact;  express feelings;  increase body awareness and sensory contact with environment

alleged-bill-clinton-rape-victim-claims-hillary-clinton-coerced-silenceHillary The CLINGER:  Maximizer, Diffuse Boundaries
Basic Fear (Wound): Separation and abandonment;  loss of self through loss of contact with parent (partner)
Internal Message Don’t need me
Core Belief:  I can’t get my needs met
Relationship Belief:  I am safe if I hold on to you
Image of Partner: Unavailable;  has no feelings; a rock wall
Relationship to Partner:  Clinging; demanding; attempts to fuse
Core Issue: Separateness
Typical Frustration: You are never there
Recurrent Feeling: Voracious rage and terror
Conflict Management: Hyper-emotional, uncompromising; demanding, then giving in
Growth Challenge: Let go; do things on your own; negotiate
Hillary’s cards for 26 October 2015-2016 are:

Ego Pluto Result
aceofheart 10ofheart 2ofspade

Her Ego Focus, the ACE of Hearts is on a new love relationship, this has already happened with the arrival of Chelsea’s second child. Hillary has truly let down her steel emotional barrier with her grandchildren.

Hillary’s challenge this year, symbolized by the TEN of Hearts Pluto Card, is success with people,  she is successful with enough people to become the nominated presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. This is indicated by her TWO of Spades Result/Reward Card, the Business Partnership Card.

The cards are synchronized to the birth year in Hillary’s case we must examine her future October 26, 2016 to October 26, 2017 to see what’s up by November 8, 2016 and beyond. Hilary in her 69th year becomes the QUEEN of Clubs, The Mother of INTUITION and realizes her spiritual essence in the process of becoming the 45th President.




2ofspade 10ofdiamond queenofclub