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There has been only one American president of the THREE of Diamonds personality type, our first, George Washington. Either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could be the second.

THREE of Diamonds: The UNDECIDED VALUES Card – The Three of Diamonds is considered one of the more difficult of the life paths of all the cards, especially when the Three of Diamonds is a woman. Indecision in values along with past life karma (Six of Hearts Karma Card) in relationships cause many challenges in the affectional life. They always know what is right and wrong, though sometimes they try to ignore what they know. They have more satisfaction in business where they can travel or do various different things. These people are here to try many “things” on for size and then to settle on the truth. They are very creative. Some of them discover a divine mission and follow a lofty path where their innate creativity serves a higher purpose where they find peace and contentment. Source: Robert Camp’s Love Cards


June FOURTEENTH The Day of GUTSY CONFRONTATION: The determined and intense people born on June 14 are very sharp in their observations and assessment of what goes on around them. They are usually strongly opinionated, loyal, and demonstrate great courage when fighting the good fight, the honorable battle. They are forceful and convincing when presenting their ideas and opinions, and because they understand human nature all too well, capable of mercilessly exposing hypocrisy and pretense.


Trump was a bad boy in school so at age 13 they sent him off to a boys military academy. There he chose the REBEL route over the CONFORMIST as his emotional wound in the INTIMACY STAGE of childhood development.

TRUMP The REBEL:  Minimizer, Rigid Boundaries
Basic Fear (Wound):  Being controlled by others (parent/partner)
Internal Message:  Don’t grow up
Core Belief:  I am not trusted
Relationship Belief:  I’ll be controlled if I give up dissent
Image of Partner:  Too nice; counter-controlling; devalues partner
Relationship to Partner: Rebellious; controlling; devalues partner

Core Issue: Freedom to break the rules
Typical Frustration:  You are never on my side
Recurrent Feeling: Anger and disappointment
Conflict Management: Rebellious; suspicious of motives
Growth Challenge: Maintain self-identity; be responsible to others; learn to trust others

Confederate flag supporters fly their flags across the street from Durant High School, where President Barack Obama will be speaking, in Durant, Okla., Wednesday, July 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)Trump @ 69

Ego Pluto Result Env Disp
5ofheart 9ofheart 2ofdiamond queenofspade 3ofheart

 3ofheartLearn to provide your own emotional security and not seek it from external sources.

queenofspadeYou could actually make some important inner changes that alter the way you perceive your life and in turn, altar your destiny.

  9ofheartEnding of relationships personal or professional, in Trump’s case he loses his audience by thinking that bumping off 17 dead Republicans walking will work against Hillary.


February TWENTY-SECOND the Day of UNIVERSALITY: Those born on February 22 tend to dissolve their ego away in the service of a meaningful cause. Their personal world may be an intricate and complex one, their emotions profoundly sensitive, yet they do not allow this to be their principal concern, and rather turn their spotlight out on the world, illuminating worthy ideals and goals.


September EIGHTH the Day of the PUZZLING PURIST: The enigmatic individuals born on September 8 are by no means easy to figure out. In their own minds they are interested in cleaning up shop, straightening things out and generally improving the lot of their family, social or national group. Yet if and when they go off on the wrong track, they are likely to maintain the absolute belief that they are acting reasonably or responsibly. Whether their efforts turn out well or badly in the end, there is no denying that September 8 people impact greatly on their environment.