We or should I say Jane Marie was looking for bargain cork purses in Funchal Madeira Portugal, when a shop keeper said “turn left at door #59.”
It’s the technique
They take their doors very seriously, very competitive.
Artsy Craftsy neighborhood
#47 Deep
How many more doors to go?
By appointment Only
#58 we must be there?
Aguardente from Madeira is a spirit drink produced exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of the juice of sugarcane
“Did she say #59 or #69?”
Only the Postman knows.
La Tartaruga
Let’s slug down a little Augardente
Look Jane Marie we could sit here
Pretty clever those Portuguese
What’s that up there?
#76’s idea of utopia
Clean & Crisp
Gallery Street Art
Close but No Clothes
Duck before entering
Does that say #95
Only the shadow knows
Top Ten
Bag Family
Sex Sells
Is that it?