“The Yanks are coming to Akkaya Gardens”

While Jane Marie was away, teg the travailing spouse bought a house
Only seven units left, put it on your credit or debit card.
Treehouse Country Club dining April through November
Come visit Secret Valley, “we’ll leave the GPS on.”

Gocek the Santa Barbara of Akkaya Valley

We discovered the Santa Barbara of Akkaya Valley it’s called Gocek (Go-Jeck) and the West Cafe dining by the yacht club is obligatory.
Our Nottingham expat neighbor directed us to the West Cafe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Gocek.
It is in the Göcek area that Icarus landed in the sea after his famous flight trying to escape from the tower where he was imprisoned.

teg gets a man cave ‘ofis

Utility room 2.5 x 3.5 meters Jane Marie laundry/teg office.
First Life ‘Architect’ pre autocad drawing technique.
Abdullah: the master ‘marangoz