Retail Raw Dairy Kefir is now legal nationwide, thanks to Organic Pastures, Fresno, California.

Raw Dairy Cooked Since 1912

Teddy Roosevelt 1858 Born at 28 East 20th Street, New York City, screwed up the milk supply while still in his mid-life transition 1903 – 1913. Created FDA

In Judeo-Christian America, we always try to help God out with counterproductive regulations, mis-guided guidelines and government sponsored solutions. We have done such a good job that no matter what your faith over-the-counter ‘Real’ EGGS, MILK, CHEESE, BUTTER and MEAT do not exist in your local grocery store.

The Prohibition of Real Milk, Cheese and Butter began around 1900 when Nathan Straus (1848-1931) founder of Macy’s dedicated some thirty years of his life to championing the pasteurization of the milk supply in New York and other cities throughout America and Europe.

Straus found an important ally when his insistence on the dangers of raw milk led President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 to order a thorough study of the milk problem by the Public Health Service. Twenty government “experts” made the investigation and reported publicly in 1908 that raw milk posed a danger. They further stated as fact that pasteurization does not change the chemical composition, taste, digestibility or nutritive qualities of milk. These “facts” have been repeated for nearly one hundred years and persist in government and medical literature about raw milk to this day, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Excerpted from “The Untold Story of Milk”, by Ron Schmid, ND,

A fourth generation farmer, Mark Mcafee is the CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy (the 4th largest raw dairy farm in the U.S.) located in Fresno, CA. Mark is an internationally recognized expert in raw milk safety and production, and has spoken in more than 25 states and three countries on his area of expertise. e also sits on the National Board for Dairy Policy as the delegate for California.

Mark Mcafee the Anti-Teddy Roosevelt


Coming soon to all Sprouts Farmers Market store locations, USA
Pasteurized Milk Kefir contains 33 dead bacteria.

Thanks to superhero Mark MacAfee the real deal is now available coast to coast in the USA.