My Backyard – Antalya, Turkey 2015 to Present
The Bluffs apartment development designed by DAAP professor Peacock. After getting married we gave up the the view for the cheap rent outback the ‘leper colony.’

Whenever an American Expat or an expat from any country resides outside his home nation they son miss food from home and become street smart economists.

Greek immigrants invented the chili cheese coney and part of the city’s DNA.

I had never been west of Chicago until the US Marine Corps gave me a 12 month all expenses paid tour of Japan,  the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Teg, we’re not in Cincy anymore, why don’t you find a job overseas, when you get out?

Mike introduced us to the view from Devou Park on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river. My first sample of Domestic Expatrism, came when, Kentucky blocked off the park exit enforced the law, residents to get KY drivers’ license & Plates. Next came racial discrimination, driving to work through downtown Cincinnati, my hometown, people seeing my shiny new car plates shouted at me, “Go home hillbilly.”
Edificio Bretagne 949 Avenida Higeninopolis, Sao Paulo, Brasil 1975 – 1978
Good idea, I followed my bliss, first to Brazil  where I tried to live an American lifestyle on a beer budget.
The Lobby, allegedly in a John Wayne movie, was the best but when the elevator broke the 16th floor was a long ways to go up.

My 1st Lieutenant salary equaled $205/week, X $6.55 = $1,343 today that compared to $3.50 X 6.55 = $23 hour as a coop student architect three years before going off to the Vietnam War. As luck or karma would have it a partner in the coop firm, walked into the USMC recruiting office where I was serving my last six months of duty. When Robert offered me a job, I said I would like to make at least as much as my military pay. The draft had made the service salaries below the civilian rate for equal qualifications.

Robert agreed to $205/wk and I joined his startup architectural firm of three, in Northern Cincinnati. However, soon my good luck took a turn, payday checks at Robert’s office were always tense, so my best friend Mike Kinsella, from six years of DAAP who also got drafted asked if I would join an established engineering dominated firm for $205/week $10 more than he was getting. we were even a year later at $210/each.

Does not look like much in our 2017 revisit to Ismailia, two blocks from the Suez Canal First Life: Quai and I entertained the Belgian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and British expats with Dolmas, Stella beer and DHS tape movies.
Ismailia is the halfway point on the Suez, three hours ships go south, then three hours traffic goes north. Today Egypt has widened the canal to allow two ships to pass each other at Ismailia. Our guide dropped us off with instructions to say we were English, if we were stopped by authorities.