Yorkshire Tony and co-driver Paul drove home in mid November. Tony did not live here but he was a faithful gym visitor every morning up to departure. Akkaya Gardens census then totalled the Ayhan family of four, Leslie homebuyer Yilmaz, Jane and me. Ayhan & Yilmaz flats are up and inland.

Now that Ayhan has moved back to Dalaman, chickens and all, we have no Aycan to translate, no Moustafa to drink our raw cow milk kefir, and our Dedikodu network has been marginalized to three.

Ilmaz KING of Diamods “Business Owner” April 8th the-day-of-conscience.Ilmaz skill set” civil engineer, speaks, Russian, Arabic, English
Aycan\ turned 18 January 1st 2021 official translator and smartphone interpreter.

Ilmaz had not used his English since working in Saudi 40 years ago. No problem, we bonded over the course of our Shackelton winter

We waited all winter for the invasion of the feral hogs. The only evidence they were out there was stepping in poop on Ayhan family’s mushroom walks.