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My most rewarding and most terrifying raw goat’s milk customers were the TUMMIE MOTHERS & THE FOREVER MOTHERS. Moments after we posted on Sally Fallon’s Real Milk.com, that the Anala Goat Company had received its Grade ‘A’ Raw Dairy license, we were #2 on Google search: Raw Goats Milk Houston. The Bio-Moms and the Adopto-Moms had read all the articles and knew that raw goat milk was the best but you had to know the farmer. Although, Vince, the Texas Department of Health inspector, visited us once a month, the mothers came to our farm, 50 miles outside of Houston, on a weekly basis. The scary part sunk in when the dependent mothers-with-infants’ customer base got past a healthy dozen,” What-if, God forbid, one of the babies got sick?”

It never happened in our four years of raw dairying because clean raw goat’s milk, with less than a 25 coliform count (76 for commercial dairies) comes as close to human breast milk as you can get. We panicked when two of our adult raw kefir customers came down with the ‘runs.’ They redeemed us, saying that kefir’s colonic cleansing action  came with the territory. Our bravest Bio-Mom tried out kefir on her one-year-old with similar results and decided her son was too young for colonics. Mothers, Tummy & Forever were our most fervent, informed and driven clientele. We left the dairy unlocked for the midnight raids by mothers who had run out of milk.hippiebook090629_560

Diet for A Small Planet” Frances Moore Lappé is the author of 18 books including the three-million copy Diet for a Small Planet February 10, 1944 (age 72), Pendleton, OR.

I began my education process on the benefits of drinking raw goat’s milk by reading and re-reading “Diet for A Small Planet,” The 1978 book by Frances Moore Lappe, who started the Vegetarian Revolution. The book’s appendix contained her research on the most digestible food sources for the 8 (for infants 10) essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. Lappe found that eggs, milk, dairy and meat, as whole foods, contained all eight essential amino acids. No need to balance spinach, beans, broccoli, arugula and brussle sprouts for max amino intake.

I confidently began preaching to my Goat Farming 101 classes that raw dairy vendors need not cringe at the farmers’ market when confronted by the veggie loving 98%ers. One unruly student countered that you had to eat raw eggs to maximize the benefits. His remark set me off on another hour dissertation on Digestibility.

digestive-system-10-638Those blue enzymes, called carrier enzymes, are damaged or destroyed through pasteurization, microwaving and cooking. This is most critical with milk because the vitamin ‘D’ carrier gets whacked and can’t deliver its calcium partner into the blood stream.

We are what we eat, that we can assimilate. Once we hit adulthood we eat to maintain our energy and health. A healthy immune system is 70% dependent on the gastrointestinal tract. Raw Eggs 95%, Raw Goat’s Milk 90%, Raw Meat 85% are ranked one, two and three according to Sally Fallon’s Weston Price Foundation www.westonaprice.org in terms of nutrient availability. Veggies come in at 65% and those boring grains – even Quinoa the highest protein content grain – rank last at 45%.

When you cook ‘whatever’ it renders the food less digestible, the longer it remains on the stove. Only my students from the Mid-East  ate their eggs raw. I stayed with eggs sunny side up, rib-eyes rare with baked potato and a vodka martini/coffee to drink.  Why would anybody drink milk after they left home? Oh yeah, you need some white liquid on that non-digestible cereal.

great-pyrenees2 shaaduck vet

I never had any babies, and truthfully never wanted any, so my two livestock guard dogs, Willy and Willy taught me about digestion. I trapped them – Great Pyrenes, after they have been bonded to their flock, don’t respond to, “come here Willy” – put them in the goat-tote for their annual visit to the Shaddock, Oklahoma vet. Fluffy on the outside when they went in, after their bath Willy and Willy were skinny extremely malnourished. “What had I been feeding them?” queried doctors Dr. Angie and Dr. Richard.

Although, this was only my second year of transition from architect to goat farmer, I bravely responded that like all good livestock farmers I fed the Willies the highest 27% protein dog food money could buy at Atwoods’s farm store in Woodward (wood-erd). Came late to learn that the protein percentage on the bag was nowhere near the digestible amount needed for working dogs. Raw hamburger or our neighbor, Rusty Stuart’s open casket, cattle cemetery was a better choice.

Real 80-90% digestible dog food is not available at Wal-Mart or grocery retailers because its high price makes it noncompetitive. You can special order protein rich high digestibility product for cats and dogs through feed stores and now thanks to Amazon home delivery. Digestibility, in dairy and dog food, doesn’t come cheap, Orijen’s Tundra costs $82.50 for a 25lb. bag compared too good old one star, Ol’ Roy, where you can get twice as much 50lbs. for a third the price $25.

tundra2-177x300old roy 25 50lb