Antalya 3rd most popular tourist destination on the Med
Pasha Bey best value restaurant in neighborhood

KaleiçiOld Town – is the historic city center of AntalyaTurkey. Until modern times, almost the entire city was confined within its walls. It has structures dating from the RomanByzantine,SeljukOttoman and modern Turkish republican eras. The Kaleiçi area is located in the centre-eastern portion of the city along the mediterranean coast fronted by the yacht harbour that dates to the Roman era. The name Kaleiçi means “Inside the Kale” or “Inner Kale” (Kale itself means castle or fortress).

Aerial of Antalya Harbor
Metin our juiceman 25 year veteran of Isiklar
Kaleici (castle gate) Antalya’s Old Town clock tower entrance
3rd year of living, in our living room, kilim rugs only, machine made socially unacceptable in Turkey.
My Backyard: Protected 100+ Duplex Villa Ottoman style homes awaiting gentrification – as a former new home sales counselor, this is my opus.